Endeavour Rim 2084

In 2084, the very first Olympic Games will be held on Mars, around the Endeavour crater rim. »

Olympic Games have a long history with iconic logos which knew how to make an impression and live in the collective imagination (Mexico 68 is probably one of the best example).

The heart of this project lies above all in what makes the design of a logo : symbols, colors and composition.

The Endeavour Rim 2084 logo breaks down like this :
• Mars, a red sphere with its two poles
• the terra-forming artificial atmosphere, a green circle
• a simplified geodesic dome, a man-made structure which can be found all over the world, blue and white.

Planet, environnement and humanity through red, green and blue, the three colors of the “official” Mars flag, inspired by the excellent Mars Trilogy books by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Iterations of this identity, experimenting with many patterns on different media, but always looking for consistency and visual logic.