Béatrice Gouin

— Freelance Job

Béatrice is a kinesiologist specializing in Metakinebiology®.
After having worked for many years as an educator and participated in some traineeship in “relationship help”, she decided to undertake a training in Metakinebiology®. She is embarking on a new professional adventure which would allow her to progress in therapeutic support and her desire to transmit and exercise in the service of others, in order to accompany them towards the relief and appeasement of their emotional pain.

At the dawn of this professional transition, Béatrice contacted me to help her create a website that would help her explain her new professional practice and her personal vision of that practice to future clients. After having almost finalized the textual content of her site, Béatrice brought me on to the project so that I could structure this content to integrate it into a one-page website, with the intent of offering visitors a logical and pleasant journey through a fairly dense amount of information.

Once the structure and layout were approved, it was now necessary to focus on the second main aspect of this project : the creation of a logo and a visual identity to apply to the website and a business card.

By focusing on the fundamental values of Béatrice’s practice, namely the notions of support, continuous progress, alliance, link and collaboration, the proposition of this abstract symbol has been chosen. Unique, mysterious and full of symbolism, it is completed by the combination of an amethyst purple (spirituality, well-being, wisdom) and a slightly orange yellow (happiness, optimism, solar), which sets it apart from other practitioners who are mainly based on natural and cooler colors.

“Boris did a remarkable job on the structure and the layout of my website, but also on the graphics of my logo and my business card, all in absolute consistency. He was creative and relevant in his proposals, and he was good advice. I was fully satisfied by his work, his attention and his listening, for a result which fully met my expectations! ” – Beatrice Gouin