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  • When I am grown up, i’ll be … a graphic designer ?

    I want to start writing again.
    Finalizing today all my latest creative projects and the new website that will shelter them brought me (logically, but to my surprise) to think about a quite simple straight-forward question : Why ?

    Why are you doing what you do ? Why do you like doing that ? Where does it come from ?

    And that’s exactly what I’m going to answer in this particular and quite personal post.

    You’ll even discover why I wanted to write about this and all the other topics that will eventually populate this segment bearing the name of “THOUGHTS”.

  • Ridin’ on the wave.

    Chuck Taylors have their star, Nikes got their swoosh, Adidas sport their three stripes.

    But Vans, they dont wear a logo on their quarters. They show us something much more interesting.

    And as much iconic.

  • Red & Blue

    Ongoing writing !

    They are everywhere, from the start of our paintings to our screen pixels.

    Why are those two colors presenting themselves to be the best choice to illustrate any antagonism or opposition ?

    Player 1 or Player 2 ?
    Do you take the red pill or the blue pill ?

    When you dig a little bit into physics and psychology of colors, but also history, everything becomes a bit more clear.